Celebrations are meant to be joyous occasions, but planning them too often becomes a complicated and time-consuming ordeal. inJOY makes the process easy!

Who is inJOY?

We're the first one-stop rental shop that provides everything you need to throw a Pinterest-worthy event. Choose from over a dozen party collections, each one passionately curated by expert designers. 

Every collection comes with a step-by-step installation photo manual, so you can DIY, or our team can do it for you. Either way, you get to focus on what matters - JOY! 





Sage Allard & Eve Gracie

As sisters-in-law in a large family, we've planned more than our fair share of parties. Over the years, we realized just how much time and energy we were spending on these celebrations. We thought: what if there was an easier solution to throwing a Pinterest-worthy event? 

inJOY is the party rental company that we always dreamt existed!