Is Delivery Required?

Nope. You can either pick up at our convenient South Bay location, or you can request that the items be delivered to and picked up from you. 

What areas do you serve?

We serve most locations in Los Angeles county. If you would like to find out if we deliver to your zip code, please fill out your location information in the inQUIRE form.  Remember, you can always pick up your rental collection yourself!

How big can my party be?

inJOY was created for the more intimate gatherings, so we generally offer full packages with dinnerware included for up to 40 seated guests.  If you are not looking to have dinnerware included, we can offer packages for a larger guest count.

What is included in the rental packages?

Once you click on your desired collection, we will list, and picture all the items that are included in your package.   Once you tell us your estimated guest count, we will modify the quantities for your needs. We will even send with you a detailed checklist of all the items you rented, and tips and tricks on how to execute a flawless setup.

What is the rental return policy?

Your packages will need to be returned or scheduled for pickup the day after your event. All dishware, drinkware, and flatware must be washed. Please ask for our Rental Policy for more information. 

How will I know how to set everything up?

Each party collection is sent with a manual full of photos, tips, and tricks on how to make your party setup spectacular. If you prefer not to set up yourself, you can request to have an expert designer come set up the party decor for you in the inQUIRE form. 

How far in advance should I reserve my rental?

Due to our specialized and passionately curated rental packages, our individual collection availability is generally limited to one rental per weekend. We rent our collections on a first come, first served basis, so reserve your collection as soon as possible!

Can I request a new theme or collection?

Yes! We are always looking to expand upon our collections, so it is possible that we could execute a new theme that you are looking to have for a party. The best part is, if we decide to create your collection, you will receive a "new theme discount" if you allow inJOY to photograph the event! To request a new theme, please visit our inQUIRE form!